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Concept plan for fall planting in the Ladd Arboretum

Selecting new plants for the arboretum

Even as we continue clearing invasives in the Ladd Arboretum, it’s time to order the plants that will go in this fall.  The stewards who have been working on the site are bringing to the task their collective knowledge of native plants, restor...
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Turtle in the arboretum


Even a cyclist riding through the arboretum at high speed this week can't miss the bright orange butterfly milkweed. But more modest sights and sounds await those who move more slowly along the gravel path near the channel....
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Rescuing plants from Schaumberg garden


Neighbors near and far have been generous not only with their time, but also with their plants. Last week, the latest contributions came from Dennis Paige, who had worked to assemble more than 175 species of native woodland, mesic, and wet prairie pl...
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Jenn Engelke and Antonio Guzman check organizing plants

A bird-friendly garden for the Civic Center

With hundreds of plants now in the ground, the demonstration habitat garden at the corner of Ridge and Leonard Place is beginning to put down roots. Jenn Engelke of Living Habitats was there today to lay out the plants (here, with the help of Antonio...
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Shrubs and trees have been planted in the Civic Center's bird-friendly garden

Trees and shrubs are in at the Civic Center garden

Trees and shrubs are now in the ground in a new demonstration garden that’s taking shape in front of the Civic Center. The plan incorporates some existing trees and shrubs (like forsythia), but all of the new plants are native to this part of I...
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Planting by canoe with Friends of the Chicago River

Working from the water

Friends of the Chicago River were out today planting water willow and lizard’s tail along a stretch of the North Shore Channel as it passes through the Ladd Arboretum. Water willow (Justicia americana) and lizard’s tail (Saurus cernuus) a...
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Golden alexander in bloom in the Ladd Arboretum

Golden moment in the arboretum

Golden alexander is now in bloom in the Ladd Arboretum, and we’ve been fortunate to receive even more of these plants from neighbors thinning out their own native gardens. Golden alexander (Zizia aurea) grows in full to partial sun, including o...
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Ladd Arboretum & Twiggs Park project area

Ecological character and planning principles

The North Shore Channel banks are important to birds and wildlife, yet the vegetation and soils are degraded, with little or no original habitat. Our challenge will be to create an aesthetically pleasing yet low-maintenance habitat using native plant...
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Planting a black oak tree at the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary

A new black oak for Clark Street Beach

Evanston city arborist Matt Basile helped volunteers plant a new black oak on one of the final work days for the season. Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary stewards have looked at some of the small remaining patches of black oak savanna for ideas abou...
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Planting saplings in the arboretum

Celebrating May Day in the Ladd Arboretum

Dozens of community members came to the Ladd Arboretum on May 1st to help plant saplings of native trees and shrubs—a gift from the National Wildlife Federation's Trees for Wildlife program. ...
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