What a difference two years make

Civic Center Habitat Garden, flourishing two years after planting

The Civic Center Habitat Garden marked its second anniversary this month. What started out as a weedy lawn has been transformed through good planning and hard work into a flourishing oasis for birds and pollinators. More than sixty species of plants native to the region demonstrate that habitat gardens are not only valuable for wildlife, but can be stunningly beautiful throughout the year.
Planting the Civic Center Habitat Garden in June 2017
The original plan for the garden was developed by Living Habitats, a Chicago-based ecological landscape design service. (That’s Jenn Engelke of Living Habitats with Antonio Guzman of the City of Evanston greenways crew planting forbs in June 2017.)

Community volunteers work throughout the growing season to maintain the garden. It’s an enjoyable way to spend half an hour or so and a great opportunity to learn under the guidance of steward Doug Macdonald. Get in touch to join the volunteer group here or in one of our other habitat sites.

For details, see the Civic Center Habitat Garden plant list.

— Wendy Pollock