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American elm, one of Evanston's signature street trees

Take care of trees—and they’ll take care of us

While we are staying close to home and outdoor volunteer opportunities are limited, there is still plenty to do to help Evanston’s urban forest. What’s the urban forest?  Basically, it’s everything green and growing in a city. It i...
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Solitary walker in the Ladd Arboretum April 2020

Seeking out nature in a time of stress

Stress levels are high this spring. But while we have to keep a healthy distance, Evanston’s parks remain open, and people are seeking them out. It’s no wonder. There is increasing evidence that green spaces and natural areas like the Lad...
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Civic Center Habitat Garden, flourishing two years after planting

What a difference two years make

The Civic Center Habitat Garden marked its second anniversary this month. What started out as a weedy lawn has been transformed through good planning and hard work into a flourishing oasis for birds and pollinators. More than sixty species of plants ...
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Climate Action & Resilience Plan

Climate action from the ground up

Evanston City Council voted unanimously to adopt an ambitious Climate Action & Resilience Plan that makes Evanston the first city in Illinois to commit to achieving carbon neutrality. ...
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Planting wildflower plugs at the Ladd Arboretum

Planting for diversity

Saturday was cool and wet, but a truckload of plants awaited, so our tough band of volunteers got to work with shovels and trowels. ...
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Presentation at Quest4Earth

“All of us could join and try to help the earth”

Our friends at Quest4Earth wrapped up their spring season last week as they shared with their families a series of multimedia projects that capture what they've been learning about birds, habitat restoration, and environmental stewardship....
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Mid-May in the Civic Center Garden

In bloom

A year ago the space at the northeast corner of the Civic Center was a wet, weedy lawn. ...
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Volunteers & crew after planting at the Ladd Arboretum

Pitching in on Chicago River Day

Another section of the channel banks was transformed on Saturday as the community came together to plant native trees and shrubs in front of the Ecology Center....
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