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Prairie trillium at the Ladd Arboretum

Hidden under the buckthorn

As dense buckthorn is cleared from the banks of the North Shore Channel, other plants have a better chance. These prairie trilliums showed up recently in one of the recently cleared areas...
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Cottonwood at the Ladd Arboretum

A place to chill

By mid-summer, tall trees cast cooling shade along the channel-side path through the Ladd Arboretum. Frequent visitors will recognize the big cottonwood that's just beyond the Ecology Center. ...
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Buckthorn ready for chipping at Harbert Park

Phased out

We opened up a new front yesterday toward the south end of Harbert Park. There's a wooded area there that's frequented by migratory birds. ...
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Beaver damage to cottonwood

Living with a beaver

The Ladd Arboretum’s resident beaver has been active this month. Volunteers have been active, too, installing fences to try to protect some vulnerable trees. On Saturday, a group of Northwestern physics and astronomy students worked on a big co...
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Civic Center Garden September sunflowers

For the birds

The Civic Center Habitat Garden, with its layers of bird-friendly vegetation, will make Evanston an even more welcoming stopover place for migrating birds....
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Weeding the Civic Center garden

Messiness is beautiful

Habitat gardens may look messy, but hidden among the browning vegetation are seeds and berries and bugs that are part of a complex web of life....
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Black walnut shells at the Ladd Arboretum

Black walnuts

It seems to be a mast year for the black walnut tree in this area, and the squirrels have been taking advantage of the abundance. Squirrels help to spread walnuts, and several can be spotted along the channel banks where we are working....
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Looking over the channel from Twiggs Park

National Night Out at Twiggs Park

With initial clearing finished around the Twiggs Park overlook, the channel has once again come into view. During National Night Out yesterday evening, neighbors joined bird conservation expert Judy Pollock to see if they could spot one of the great ...
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