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Checking to see how the Civic Center garden weathered the winter

Getting ready for spring

City crews have cut back the Civic Center garden, and Doug and Peter stopped by the other day to see how the plants had weathered the winter months....
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Photographer Fran Morel shares tips for photographing birds

Partnership with Quest4Earth takes flight

Bird conservationist Judy Pollock and nature photographer Fran Morel joined a group of animated fifth-graders on Saturday for an exploration of birds in our community. The group meets every other Saturday throughout the school year. The hands-on prog...
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Buckthorn ready for chipping at Harbert Park

Phased out

We opened up a new front yesterday toward the south end of Harbert Park. There's a wooded area there that's frequented by migratory birds. ...
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View from Harbert Deck

Settling in for the winter

Volunteers took a moment to enjoy the view from the Harbert Park overlook deck today and imagine what it will look like next summer when new shrubs have settled in and put on some new growth. With buckthorn cleared and leaves down, there is a clear v...
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Ellen and Jack Donovan clearing buckthorn in the arboretum

Back to the buckthorn

As most of our native trees are losing their leaves, non-native buckthorn and bush honeysuckle stand out with their dark green foliage, making this an ideal time for identifying them—and cutting them down. This winter, we plan to continue clearing ...
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Civic Center Garden September sunflowers

For the birds

The Civic Center Habitat Garden, with its layers of bird-friendly vegetation, will make Evanston an even more welcoming stopover place for migrating birds....
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Y.O.U. group after Harbert planting

Planting the sun and the moon

A Y.O.U. afterschool group from Edison Elementary joined us Thursday to plant wildflowers and grasses around the Harbert Park overlook....
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Weeding the Civic Center garden

Messiness is beautiful

Habitat gardens may look messy, but hidden among the browning vegetation are seeds and berries and bugs that are part of a complex web of life....
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